Cloud Email

Cost Effective and Efficient Cloud Computing


Have your email hosted by Google and guarantee yourself 99% uptime, 25MB storage and Google’s Drive, 30GB of cloud document storage! Learn more about Google Apps for Business now.

There are many benefits to online document storage. Rest at ease knowing all your important and needed documents and files are stored virtually everywhere by the cloud.

Google Scripting makes use of Google Documents allowing for automation of data entry. Capture data from various locations and customize a script that works with your business.

Become more efficient with cloud based tools that will help your workforce. Client Management, accounting and invoicing, and more. Use tools that can help your business grow!

Cloud Email

Cost Effective and Efficient Cloud Computing

Are you on “The Cloud”? This is a statement you’ve probably heard a few times over and something it is maybe time you consider. Cloud computing is a growing need as more businesses go online and something your business could benefit from having. Gooder Marketing can take you through everything you need to know to get your business in the Cloud. Find out more now…

Google Apps for Business

Does your business benefit from the array of Google Apps? There are a large variety of Google Apps for businesses that can make not only running a business easier, but even more organized before. Knowing how to use apps and what apps will truly make a difference however can be hard.

Let Gooder Marketing take you through the many apps available and find the ones that match all your needs today.

Cloud Storage and Computing

Gooder Marketing understands how external cloud services play an increasing role in the IT plans of most enterprises. To facilitate this evolution to the cloud, we’ve developed a global network of world class service providers delivering comprehensive cloud services.

Learn more about our cloud storage and computing service options available through Gooder Marketing and contact us today.

Google Apps Scripting

Triggers in apps script allow you to schedule your script’s execution in response to an event, at a specific time and date or specified intervals. Understanding Google Apps scripting can be hard and take a lot of time, which is why you should leave it up to the professionals.

Gooder Marketing can provide the necessary Google Apps Scripting services to ensure your virtual business is doing what it is supposed to be at the moment it is supposed too!

Cloud Workflow Tools

It is hard to know which tools do what and what ones can help you do specific things. When it comes to Cloud Workflow Tools there is an abundance of options that it can become overwhelming very quickly.

Know you’ve got the right Cloud Workflow tools equipped with your business and turn to Gooder Marketing to help you install, implement and get your workflow going quickly & efficiently!