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Drag and Drop Email Template Design

Emails are quickly becoming the most popular method of messaging, falling just a few steps behind text messaging. People are more likely to open an email versus a paper envelope, and it is more commonly seen that emails are preferred over any other sort of communication.

The average person receives ten emails a day and each of those emails will have their own look to them. This is done with the use of email template design. There are programs such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor that have drag and drop systems integrated, but there is still the option for HTML email template design being used.

Where to Begin with Email Template Design?

For those who know they’ll be sending repeat emails, having a template design will be very beneficial. This will become the known design for every email you send and your recipients will become adjusted to seeing it with every email you send.

Templates can include a wide array of things including color customization, images, text formatting and even in some instances videos. You will want to determine what exactly you want to include in your template design each and every time. Some things you’ll initially want to consider is:

  • Color choices
  • Layout (1 column, 2 column, etc)
  • Social media icon integration
  • Font choice
  • Default images

There is just so much to consider that jotting down everything you’d like to include first is important. Know what you want so you can have several mock ups developed to see what exactly you’d love.

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Getting Personal with Email Templates

One thing you’re trying to do is get that personal touch with your emails. With the amount of emails people receive each and every day, having a unique look is important. You want this template to say read me, and with a cluttered overwhelming design, that is not going to come across.

Take the time to develop several different templates. Test them out and see which ones have the best results. The one the receives the most reads and internal clicks is the better of designs and what you should replicate in every email blast you send.

Email template design is a lot less complicated since the introduction of drag and drop templates. These templates allow you to simply click and place what you want to appear in your email, have it laid out the way you want all with a few simple clicks. Drag and drop templates are commonly used by MailChimp and the easiest option for template design.

Even though drag and drop is easy to use it will require initial customization, so set aside some time and really give your emails that well needed personalization. Make people want to read your emails and give that visual look that you care all with some great email template design!