G Suite Training

G Suite Training

Become an expert using G Suite, and help you and your staff become efficient using the G Suite tools. Proven to boost workplace productivity


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Learn how to Master G Suite

A package of cloud-based services G Suite offers your enterprise a new system to work together online. This is not just for chats and email, but also for social media, video conferences, real-time document collaborations, etc. We can help you understand how to manage your user services from the cloud. It is a simple process of adding users to the account, activating emails and giving access to use the services. G Suite offers added control over security and users’ data which can be used advantageously. We will help you make G Suite work for your office by simplifying and automating workflow for employees. It will be a smooth rollout with a set of resources for installing G Suite, which will include In-app training for users and admins. Learning can be made easy with videos, quick start guides, tips, technical guides, and templates to help you deploy your own learning center. There are ways to monitor how each service is being used across the organization by checking the reports and usage graphs. G Suite allows users analyze their team’s use of collaboration as well as identify undesirable security patterns, and track other movements.

Our G Suite Training Options

On Site

We can deliver on site training across Ontario and North America. Our trainers will come on location, and use resources such as meeting/ board rooms to train your staff.

Webinar Training

We can provide training to anyone in the world via webinar. Our webinar training sessions are often 1.5-2 hours long and can cover the basics of G Suite or go full indepth with advanced features.


We can provide training on location for a set of staff, and then provide webinar training for other staff members. This is often the best solution for businesses with multiple locations.

Reasons Why Training Improves Productivity

It is not just the experts who consider training as a productivity booster, but there have been research that showa a vibrant correlation between training and productivity. It is observed that well-trained staff do better at all levels, which will help others form a good opinion of your company. With continuously changing technology, it helps to keep the staff trained in the latest developments and innovations so that your business is not at a disadvantage. Training is a part of corporate approach to improve performance in an emergent organization. You can bring about attitudinal change with training while enhancing skill and job performance. Employee training is a way to develop human capital, which pays attention to managerial and behavioral skill and understanding.