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Get Found Locally in Search, With a Local SEO Campaign

Local SEO for Businesses in Barrie

Many small business owners are unaware of the term local SEO and it is a term that many businesses can benefit from and succeed with online. Local SEO is designed to optimize your website to appear in top search positions of Google, Yahoo and Bing for searches related to local area, city, country and business genre.

Small businesses can benefit hugely from local SEO practices. When users are searching for specific information in specific areas, having your local SEO optimized correctly can close the sale before they’ve even reached your location.

When people search in the SERPs, such as Google for specific local information they will generally use a search query + location of interest. The SERPs will then display the top results that have been optimized for the local area.

Here is an example of a local search using search query + location of interest:

lawyers in Barrie

Search Results for Local Businesses

Local SEO Optimization

The search engine pulls all the top results for “lawyers in Barrie” including those that have paid for top listing Ads, and those who have incorporated Google Local and those who have optimized their websites for local SEO with the term lawyers in Barrie.

Even though this search is specific for “lawyers in Barrie”, not all the listings use that specific text in their titles & descriptions. This is not a deal breaker when it comes to Local SEO if you’ve taken the time to correctly optimize your website for local SEO but it is always recommended to find a key term & location with quality traffic to use in your title & description.

Benefits of Local SEO for Small Businesses

There are some key benefits of local SEO for small businesses everywhere. When businesses incorporate local SEO, they are increasing their chances of appearing higher in the SERPs. This means you’re more likely to get more visits than those who don’t appear in the search recommendations.

Your conversion ratio will also have a higher rate. Why? Those who are coming to you are highly targeted visitors; meaning they are more likely to find exactly what they were searching for when they’ve come to you.

Brand visibility and awareness is also higher as businesses in your area are more likely to know you exist and make your business brand recognizable in your local area. When people know you exist, they’ll recommend you to others and here’s hoping submit local reviews online for your business too!

Local Versus Global SEO

Yes, there is a difference between local SEO and global SEO. If you don’t understand fully, don’t worry you will. SEO may seem scary but once you start doing it and seeing things happen it is very rewarding.

Now, local SEO is specifically designed for a specific geo location while global SEO is designed for global wide searches. On page and off page SEO can be done for both local SEO and global SEO quite similarly. The only major difference is where you’re showing up in the SERPs.

The key difference between local and global that local requires more signals pushed towards Google, Yahoo & Bing unlike global SEO. You’re doing what other web masters call citations. This is generally done through creating local listings on sites like Yelp, Google Local, Foursquare and YellowPages.

Local SEO for small businesses is important for any business who wants the chance to compete in their communities. With the right use of search terms, specified location and local listings you’re on your way to top search results in your local area!