Barrie CARP

Community Web Design and Development

Community Web Design and Development:

Gooder Marketing helped in the design and development of the new website for Barrie CARP. They needed a website that can provide information about their non-profit organization that helps spread social awareness in Barrie and across Canada. The website was designed and developed using a content management system called WordPress that helps make content creation easy to make for both front end and back-end content.

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Web Design for the Community:

The website for Barrie CARP is now responsive to any device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC's. It is beneficial to have a mobile-friendly site as more people have been using smartphones to access the internet and gain information anywhere on any device. It also help improve a website's search ranking as Google promotes mobile-friendly websites on their search engine. It would reach out to more people and it creates a better mobile-friendly experience for new members that are viewing the website on a smartphone. The design of the website is organized to provide information about their services and it is displayed in a clean and organized manner.

Development for Social Change:

Gooder Marketing had designed and developed a good website for Barrie CARP that is clean and organized through Wordpress, and responsive that it can be viewed on multiple devices that it creates a better experience across the website. It will help reach out to new members that will help create social change in the city of Barrie and surrounding areas.