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Web Design for Safety Products and Services

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Web Design for Safety Products and Services:

Gooder Marketing was able to help Belt Conveyor Guarding make a website design that is responsive, while also having a good amount of informative content throughout the website. The website provides information about the products, services, events and contact information for the company that can be seen on any mobile device including smartphones and tablets so that you can get the information you need anytime, and anywhere.

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Safety Guarding Website Design:

Using Wordpress, Belt Conveyor Guarding now has a mobile-friendly website that is filled with content about the company. It helps create a better experience for the user, while also being informative about the products they provide such as drive guards, modular handrails, return idlers, and rolling safety gates. With Wordpress, it creates a website design that helps make creating content for web design and search engine optimization easy and can create professionally-designed websites.

Safety Products and Solutions SEO:

Gooder Marketing has also provided search engine optimization for Belt Conveyor Guarding that can help the website get a better search ranking using content and keywords that are relevant to the company. They also provide a blog which has information about news and events that are happening with the company as well as learning about their products and services. The keyword positions have improved as 11 keywords are all ranking in the top 3 positions. This will get the website noticed by search engines and customers will be able to find your website much easier.