Cardinal Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Company Webdesign and SEO Campaign

Improved Web Presence and Website

Being seen all throughout Central Ontario was something this project needed and what Gooder Marketing has done for Our team of search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking analysts created a customized optimization campaign, offering top level search engine rankings, mobile friendly responsiveness and a broader visibility to all potential clients.

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Gooder Marketing not only improved the SEO of the website, but optimized previous and new company citations, as well as provided an entirely new Wordpress responsive theme to meet the wants and needs of Cardinal Irrigation.

Project Requirements

There was quite a few solutions that needed to be met with the SEO optimization and redesign of Cardinal Irrigation. These requirements include:

  • User-friendly navigation across all popular devices
  • Responsive theme template
  • Improved navigation sitewide
  • SEO Content Development
  • Keyword Research & Integration
  • Analytics Integration & Monitoring
  • Improved site speed

The domain was a niche market specific website requiring exact results. This project required top level research to ensure that every key area was being touched and website rankings improved.

Services Break Down

The initial services with Cardinal Irrigation were to optimize and improve the overall search engine appearance. Upon initial review, Gooder Marketing knew an upgraded web design and increased citations would benefit the client greatly. Gooder Marketing had the ability to provide all of the following web design & optimization services to Cardinal Irrigation:

  • Customized Wordpress Theme Design
  • Responsive Theme Integration
  • Keyword Research & Integration
  • Sitewide SEO Optimization
  • Internal Link Restructuring
  • SEO Content Development
  • Niche Marketing Competitor Analysis
  • Analytics Integration & Monitoring
  • Business Citations
  • SEO Reporting

Gooder Marketing improved the overall search engine appearance and provided a clean, up to date web design that meets the needs of client and customers. With the integration of SEO, internal link restructuring and business citations, Gooder Marketing has not only improved the online appearance of the client; but increased the total number of closed leads compared to before updates. View SEO results for the keyword phrases: Irrigation Services Barrie, Commercial Irrigation Barrie, Lawn Irrigation Barrie.

The overall project required approximately to complete.

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