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Website Design for Anxiety Coaching

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Website Design for Anxiety Coaching:

Gooder Marketing has provided Coach Amber McAuley with a website design that is not only easy to navigate, but has a good amount of content that can help the website rank better on search engines. The website provides information about the courses, services, testimonials and contact information for the company. It helps create a better experience for the user. It also provides a blog with helpful information about anxiety, depression and mental health.

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Anxiety Coaching Web Design:

Gooder Marketing created a fast, simple and mobile-friendly website for Coach Amber McAuley that is filled with information about her coaching practices and services. It helps create a better experience for the user, while also being informative about the company itself. Using Wordpress, the website now has a content management system that can help in website development with web design and a search engine optimization presence. It makes content creation for a website easy to organize and create. The website also has a social media presence that can reach to more new users through different social media outlets such as Facebook, and Linkedin.

Responsive Coaching Web Design:

The website for Coach Amber McAuley is very responsive as it is organized to fit all mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and even home computers. Mobile devices are everywhere, and being able to view the website on a smartphone or tablet will make it much easier for customers to navigate the site for coaching anytime and anywhere.