EOSLC Leadership Conference

Event and Conference Website Design

Event Website Design

The Eastern Ontario Student Leadership Conference (EOSLC) is held annually and has a full itinerary with various public speakers. The website needed to provide a way to earn more sponsorship as well as increase registration to the event. Gooder Marketing was tasked with creating a fully responsive, modern and well coded website for EOSLC. By using WordPress, every new year it can easily be updated to reflect new speakers, location and any new graphics.

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EOSLC Website Design:

The layout of the website is very simple to navigate, offering clear direction to visitors to the website. This will increase registration and interest in the event as potential delegates can read about all of the speakers and view the schedule in advance. A countdown timer in the header counts from 365 days down to the conference day.

Event and Conference Website Design and SEO:

EOSLC required their website to provide a smooth mobile experience and also that SEO was structured so that potential delegates can find the event website and research about the event before they decide to register. A page is dedicated to each workshop leader and speaker to easily communicate what unique qualities each one brings to the conference.