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Employment Services Website Design

ESS Direct is a company that provides employment services in Barrie. The company has their website redesigned by Gooder Marketing to become a website with a professional design that is organized across the site thanks to a content management system known as WordPress. This helped make website creation easy when it comes to content creation for the front-end content such as website design and content development and for back-end content to create meta titles, descriptions, and image alt tags for search engine optimization. The website provided information about all the services this company provides such as staffing, recruitment and job seekers. There is also an informative blog that provides tips and advice about employment that could help with search engine optimization.

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Website Design for Employment Services:

Having a mobile site could reach more people as they use their smartphones to access their internet browser. The website for ESS Direct is responsive to all mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones with easy navigation and all the content to fit on a mobile device. People can now find information about employment services anytime and anywhere, all in the palm of their hands..

Employment Service SEO:

Gooder Marketing provided a search engine presence to ESS Direct to help them improve their search ranking using relevant keywords that relate to the company. The website improved their search ranking as they are seen on the first page on Google's search engine. This will help people notice their website who are looking for employment services.