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Website Design for Creative Video Content:

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Website Design for Creative Video Content:

Gooder Marketing helped with the development of the website for Kontakt Films. It is a responsive, mobile-friendly portfolio website that includes a description of the main members of the film team, and all of their previous works in film, audio, and photography for companies such as West 49, Sapporo, Universal Music, and Volkswagen. Most of the information about Kontakt Films can be found on the home page, and helps create a better user experience.

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Photography and Film Web Design:

Using Wordpress, Gooder Marketing helped make this website with a easy to navigate website design that is very organized. Wordpress is a content management system that can make content creation and meta tag creation for search engine optimization simple and easy to do. Finding information about Kontakt Films is easy to navigate through with photos and Vimeo videos of commercials and documentaries that they have done in the past. It is a very organized and professional portfolio website that is a simple, yet effective website.

Responsive Creative Video Website:

The website for Kontakt Films is a responsive, mobile-friendly website that is very organized while having lots of information about the company, especially on the home page having a couple of demo reels and different galleries for both videos and photography. All of the content is able to fit on multiple devices from tablets and laptops, to smartphones as it can reach more users because it can be viewed on multiple different devices.