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Professional Portfolio Website Design

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Professional Portfolio Website Design:

Gooder Marketing was able to help create a website for Boudoir by Laura Joy to make the entire website look responsive, clean and mobile-friendly for all-users to be able to access. The website needed to look like a professional photography portfolio that can benefit her photography. The SEO for the website has improved by increasing the search engine presence through blog posts relating to previous photo-shoots from Laura Joy Photography.

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Photography Portfolio Web Design:

Using Wordpress, Gooder Marketing was able to help improve the design of the website for Laura Joy Photography with a clean and responsive design across the website. Gooder Marketing was able to help Laura Joy Photography create a website that is fast, easy to navigate and responsive. With Wordpress, it was easy to organize all of the content provided to help make a clean and professional portfolio website that can be shown to the world. It is a content management system that can make content creation simple and organized to what you need to design.

Web Design for a Professional Portfolio:

Smartphones and tablets are becoming the quickest way of reaching an internet browser. Having a website that can fit on any device can help reach more users that are looking for professional photography. The website for Laura Joy Photography has a responsive, mobile-friendly photography portfolio website that looks great with a professional design that would benefit her photography that can be seen from anywhere, at anytime, and on any mobile device.