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Organic Day Spa Website Design

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Organic Day Spa Website Design:

Lotus Day Spa has a new responsive website courtesy of Gooder Marketing. It provides information about the organic spa services from the company as well the membership fees, and frequently asked questions. The website provides a blog about events, sales, organic recipes and tips about skincare. It also has a social media presence to reach customers on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It is a simple, yet effective website design that does reflect Lotus Day Spa’s calm, and relaxing tone.

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Organic Spa Website Design:

Gooder Marketing helped make Lotus Day Spa’s website with a simple website design that is very detailed that makes finding information within the site simple and effective using Wordpress to help organize the website in an easy manner. It helps with fonts that can be easily read on any device. Focusing on more of a relaxing tone, the website design focuses more on a simple design and lighter, more calming colors across the entire website, mainly different variants of light blue.

Day Spa Responsive Design:

With Wordpress, the website for Lotus Day Spa became more organized on the front-end with design and functionality, and on the back-end with a dashboard that can easily help create a page on the site. It is also an informative site describing the many services the company provides, which can help on a search engine standpoint for customers who are looking for organic spa services and massage therapy.