Manx Classics

Classic Car Dealership Website Design

Classic Car Dealership Website Design

Manx Classic Cars is a well-respected classic car dealership in the Mono, Ontario area. Their impeccable stock of classic cars had made a name for them in their region, but their website made it difficult to reach new clients in different areas. It was also difficult to produce leads and sales from the website. A website re-design with more engaging vehicle listings, and a simple custom interface so staff could add and update the vehicle listings was necessary. Gooder Marketing was able to rectify all of these issues with a simple, yet necessary, website redesign.

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Classic Car Dealership Website:

Gooder Marketing was able to re-design this car dealership website with a mobile responsive Wordpress theme, an easy to use interface for staff, and more detailed vehicle listings. The mobile friendly design gave visitors a great user experience on any device, reducing bounce rates when people searched on their smartphones or tablets. The new vehicle listings are easily accessible from several points on the main page, and through the top navigation bar on every other page. This give visitors quick access to the information they want, when they visit. This boosted leads and sales from the website, compared to the previous design. A photo-heavy design gives visitors super detailed views of the cars in stock, as well as sold.

Car Dealership Web Design:

The most important part of the website redesign was the addition of a custom interface for updating the vehicle listings. The simple to use interface for the vehicle listings makes it easy for any of the staff to add and update listings anytime, from any computer. This saves Manx Classic Cars time and money in keeping the car dealership website up to date. It also improves website traffic by keeping the content current, and ensuring that all of their offerings are prominently featured.