Motorcycle Mojo

Responsive Magazine Website Design

Customized Magazine Web Design

Turning a simple web design and creating a streamlined, functional web design is what Gooder Marketing has done for Our team of web development and design specialists created a customized WordPress Magazine theme, offering top level navigation capabilities, mobile friendly responsiveness and all in all a seamless design that works for users of all devices.

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Alongside offering a more streamlined theme template, Gooder Marketing improved the advertisement placement capabilities sitewide. The new theme template allowed for advertising opportunities for background ads and banner ads on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Project Requirements

There was quite a few solutions that needed to be met with the optimization and redesign of Motorcycle Mojo. These requirements include:

  • User-friendly navigation across all popular devices
  • Responsive theme template
  • Improved navigation sitewide
  • Integration of events form
  • Integration of online store
  • Increased advertising placement opportunities
  • Improved site speed

With the domain exceeding over 1,500 pages upon review of project, this project quickly became a big task with a lot of redirecting and restructuring.

Services Break Down

With the requirements of the project being very structured, Gooder Marketing had the ability to provide all of the following web design & optimization services to Motorcycle Mojo:

  • Customized Wordpress Theme Design
  • Responsive Theme Integration
  • Navigational Architecture Restructuring (utilizing both breadcrumb & pagenation)
  • Advertisement Placement Theme Segregation
  • Internal Link Restructuring
  • Subdomain e-Commerce Store Integration
  • Event Lead Generation via Customized Contact Form

Gooder Marketing turned what was once a simple website into a virtual oasis for everything Motorcycles. With the integration of an online fully functional e-Commerce store and an entirely new navigational architecture, Gooder Marketing made Motorcycle Mojo an easy to use, universal device friendly website.

The overall project required approximately 3 weeks to complete.

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