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Ortho Health is a trusted orthotics supplier and fitter in the Barrie, Ontario area but their website wasn’t easy to navigate, and they weren’t being found in search engines for what they offer. Gooder Marketing was called in to attain both of these goals. The new website needed to present the services Ortho Health offers in a clear and simple way for visitors, and also use search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to gain higher search result rankings.

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Ortho Health Web Design:

Gooder Marketing redesigned Ortho Health’s website to focus on exactly what a visitor would want to find when they search for orthotics in Barrie, Ontario. A clean and easy to use top bar menu gives visitors quick access to all of Ortho Health’s services, giving visitors a better user experience and reducing bounce rates. A mobile responsive Wordpress theme gives visitors on any device a great user experience and easy access to the information they need.

Orthotics SEO:

The improved SEO of Ortho Health’s website has raised their search engine rankings for the Barrie, Ontario area in all major search engines. Visitors are now able to find the detailed information they need quickly and easily with a simple Google search. The addition of individual pages for each of Ortho Health’s services gives them even more opportunity to both boost their search engine rankings, and give visitors a better user experience.