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Responsive Website for Health Care Services

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Responsive Website for Health Care Services:

RVH Hospital Connect was able to get their website redesigned thanks to Gooder Marketing. The website now has a responsive, clean, colorful and organized website that can be viewed on any mobile device. It also provides relevant information about the home care services, equipment, frequently-asked questions about the company, contact information and even more health care services provided by the community.

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Health Care Website Design:

Using Wordpress, Gooder Marketing was able to help create a new website design for RVH Hospital Connect with a fast, responsive, and easy to navigate design. Wordpress is a content management system that can help create content for both the front-end of a website such as website design and content creation, and back-end such as meta titles, meta descriptions and image alt tags to help improve with search engine optimization. It makes content creating easy and can create websites are very organized and look professional as well.

Web Design for Health Care Services:

Having a mobile version of a website can help reach more users because more people use smartphones to launch their internet browsers. Gooder Marketing helped make a mobile-friendly website design for RVH Hospital Connect that has a readable font, a menu that can be easily accessed with a smartphone, and content that is organized to fit on a mobile device. It helps people view your website anywhere, anytime and can be seen on any mobile device such as a smartphone and tablet.