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Safety Training Website Designs

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Safety Training Website Designs:

Gooder Marketing redesigned the website of Safety Audit Proofing to have a responsive, mobile-friendly website design while also having a good amount of content. The website needed to add information relating to the health and safety services, courses, and membership pricing of the company and also being able to have the simple and responsive design of the website as well.

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Safety Compliance Website Design:

Gooder Marketing was able to help Safety Audit Proofing create a website design that is not only easy to navigate and simple, but filled with content that can help the website get a better search engine position. Using Wordpress, the website was given a professional look while also having a organized website design-wise, and for meta titles, descriptions and image alt tags that can help improve search engine optimization. This will help improve the website's search ranking and more people will be able to find it. It is a content management system that can help out for any website.

Content for Safety Training:

Mobile devices are becoming the standard place for people to use the internet. Being able to have a website that can fit on your phone can help out by reaching to more users. Gooder Marketing was able to help with a mobile design. The website for Safety Audit Proofing is very responsive to many different mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. Now you can see what the company is able to offer anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device.