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Professional Business Coaching Web Design

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Professional Business Coaching Web Design:

Small Business Savvy has their website redesigned by Gooder Marketing that contains a good amount of content and a clean, mobile-friendly design. The SEO for the website has improved by increasing their search engine presence through relevant keywords relating to business coaching and sales training. Keyword positions have improved as two keywords are currently ranked in the top 3 positions.

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Sales Training Web Design:

The website is very easy to navigate as it is responsive to different smartphones and monitors. Visitors can now gain business coaching information in a fast, organized, and mobile-friendly website for all users. With a responsive design with Wordpress, Small Business Savvy can reach more users on mobile devices that are used anytime and anywhere like smartphones and tablets. Wordpress is a content management system that can help create content for both web design and search engine optimization purpose that is simple and easy to use.

Business Coaching SEO:

The website for Small Business Savvy has lots of content relating the company's business coaching programs, events, seminars, workshops, and books that is informative to the user. Each page was given an improvement in search engine optimization (SEO) so that the website can rank better on search engines using specific keywords on each page of the website that relate to business coaching. This will help the website in being noticed by users on various search engines as customers are looking for business coaching services, which can help gain more customers that will go to their website.