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Accounting and Bookkeeping Web Design

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Accounting and Bookkeeping Web Design:

Solutions Plus has their website redesigned by Gooder Marketing to have a responsive website design while also having a good amount of content for the company. The website now has added information relating to the bookkeeping and tax preparation services of Solutions Plus, testimonials, and sponsors while also being able to have the simple design of the website as well. The website also provides informative blog posts containing tips and advice about income taxes and bookkeeping that can help with search engine optimization.

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Accounting Website Design:

Using Wordpress, Gooder Marketing was able to help Solutions Plus create a website that is fast and simple website with an easy to navigate menu. Wordpress is a content management system that can make website creation and content creation very easy to do providing a simple way of making content for both the website as well as for search optimization purposes. It is a website design that has improved with the help of Gooder Marketing.

Content for Bookkeeping and Accounting:

The website for Solutions Plus is very responsive to many different mobile devices. All the content fits onto the website very well on a mobile device with readable fonts and a simple design that makes it easier to read the website on a smartphone. Having a mobile device can help reach out to new customers as they can find the company's website from anywhere at anytime to find information about bookkeeping and tax preparation services from any mobile device.