Vom Issam Haus

Website Design and SEO for German Shepherds

Website Design and SEO for German Shepherds:

Vom Issam Haus is a German Shepherd breeder company that has asked for their website to be redesigned by Gooder Marketing to make the navigation easier and mobile-friendly, while also having lots of content. The SEO for the website has improved by increasing their search engine presence through blog posts and relevant keywords relating to German shepherds, breeding, and training. Keyword positions have improved as four keywords are currently ranked in the top 3 keyword positions.

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German Shepherd Web Design:

The Website is very easy to navigate as it is receptive to multiple devices. Visitors can now gain information about purebred German shepherds, German Shepherd training and breeding in a fast and responsive website that can be viewed from many different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Using Wordpress, this website also is organized through it's content management system that makes creating content for the website and search engine optimization easy to do. This website has a blog that provides informative blog posts about German Shepherds that also has tips and advice about training a German Shepherd puppy.

German Shepherd Breeder SEO:

Each page was given search engine optimization so that it can rank better on search engines using specific keywords and blog posts that relates to German Shepherds, breeding and training. This will allow the website to get noticed from customers on different search engines if they were to look for keywords relating to the services this company provides.