Virtual Services Website Design

Virtual Services Website Design

Weesleep provides virtual and in-home consultation to parents of children who are having trouble sleeping. Consultants operate all over Canada as well as the USA and New Zealand and require a platform that enables them to process orders and deliver virtual products. Gooder Marketing was contacted to develop a solution for Weesleep that is responsive, easy to navigate and allowed the company to add as many consultants to accommodate their growing business. Using WordPress, Gooder Marketing was able to design a system that suits Weesleep’s growing company.

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Weesleep Website Design:

The website that Gooder Marketing made for Weesleep has a simple main navigation so that potential customers can easily find a consultant for their region. They can choose to select a consultant based on their location or by the individual product package pages - this ensures there are multiple ways for a user of the site to get the information they need. Each consultant and product has their own dedicated page in order to provide an optimal amount of information on each.

Virtual Services Website Design and SEO:

Many individuals are earning part or full time income in the virtual services industry which would not be possible without the web technology to support it. Gooder Marketing utilized WordPress and specific plugins to enable complex virtual purchases that include forms to be filled out and certain elements to be delivered on purchase and controlled through the website.