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Web Design for Documentaries

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Web Design for Documentaries:

Gooder Marketing created a website for YLCC Media that has a simplistic design, yet a responsive webpage that is able to work with different devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The website has lots of content with information about their documentaries, testimonials, and contact information for the company. The website also has functionality as well such as animations when the browser finishes refreshing the website, and contact form and testimonial submissions that is sent to YLCC Media to get information about their documentary screenings and give your opinion about their work.

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Film-Making Website Design:

Gooder Marketing helped create the website for YLCC Media using Wordpress. Wordpress is a content management system that allows the user to be able to organize their website very easily. Whether it is the front-end content with pages and images for design, or the back-end with meta titles, descriptions, and image alt tags that can help create a better search engine presence. It is a simple, yet effective content management system for any website.

Website Design for Documentaries:

YLCC Media’s website uses various forms of social media to get their message out and in the open. Using pictures on websites like Instagram and Twitter can help get your website get noticed by new customers while also creating user interaction with a social media presence. It creates a relationship between the brand and the customer that is helpful for the company to get their message out about their documentaries, and the movie screenings they provide all across Canada.