Pay Per Click Strategies for Business in Barrie

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PPC Campaign Management in Barrie

When you’ve been told by Pay Per Click (PPC) management tools that they’ll be able to trim down your cost per click with the use of their highly intelligent bid algorithms, you are on the path of losing money quick. These tools are designed to help you make adjustments to your bids & PPC campaigns, offering you top notch algorithms but do they actually teach you how to run PPC? Not usually.

Over the years, we’ve learned that it isn’t actually necessary to use complex algorithms to save a few dollars in paid search. It isn’t necessary to have a PPC management tool to help lower the costs of your campaigns. All you need is three key strategies for your PPC campaigns.

Maximizing Your Budget

Most companies are given a specified budget every month for paid advertising. This set amount can vary with every business and no matter what the amount is, it needs to be used wisely. Maximizing your budget is important so you can get the most out of every dollar spent.

Advertiser competition, query volume, click prices and niche market will have major effects on your PPC campaigns. You want to lower your costs while still increasing your clicks. This will require a keyword list refinement and minimizing bids, while at the same time monitoring average search positions.

Increasing clicks usually requires increasing bids by expanding the keyword list, refining your ad copy and making improvements to your click through rates. There are going to be adjustments and improvements as you go, so make sure your budget can be manipulated enough to match your needs.

PPC Campaign Management

Branding Improvements

Brands that are well known, recognized by name and have achieved awareness always seem to get the new customers first. Online however, the branding world is much more open. Best way to be known and recognized is by having top position within search results.

This can be done both organically and paid. Many businesses are using PPC to help with branding by buying their way to the top but this can become quite costly. Bidding on top position results is in most cases a waste of money other than buying brand awareness. Most conversion rates don’t waver too much in the top five positions and only decline a small amount for top ten positions.

Maximizing Your Profits

Most search marketers goal is to maximize profits with their PPC campaigns. It is the most common reason why people use pay per click and why the industry keeps growing year after year. As long as campaigns are profitable, budgets are not as much of a worry as before.

Profitable campaigns however will have their own limitations too. Maximizing profits within the provided budget is important even if you’re earning money. Budgets are set for a reason, so stick within them even if your profits are increasing.

Take the time to go through your pay per click campaigns and see what is bringing in less conversions at lower cost per acquisition (CPA) and eliminate elements that aren’t performing when compared to accepted conversion goals. This will require doing the following:

Pay per click advertising can be hard at first, but over time and manipulation of campaigns the overall process does become more clear. Take the time to understand your business, make changes to match your budget and don’t over budget yourself. PPC can have many benefits, but if not used correctly the effects will be felt fast.