Social Media Marketing for Business

Social Media Marketing Meets Lead Generation

Social Media Management in Barrie

Small businesses, corporate businesses and even sole proprietary businesses are turning to social media marketing (SMM) for sales boosts. Over 50% of marketers that have been using social media over the past five years have stated they’ve seen a boost in sales and more businesses are now incorporating SMM into their business plans.

Before marketers used to spend several hours a week focusing on social media tactics, but now there are people being hired specifically for social media marketing positions working 30 – 40 hours per week just on social media alone. There is still continued struggle generating leads and measuring ROI through social but there is no argument that SMM isn’t a critical piece of the marketing mix businesses need to use.

Staying aligned with your businesses objectives is key when looking at marketing activities. It doesn’t matter if your SMM campaign is top notch if your landing pages, website or sales team can’t close the deal on their ends. You need to keep focused objectives and have a solid base to truly benefit from social media marketing.

Where to Start With Social Media?

This is a question every business owner asks. It doesn’t matter what size your business is, there are going to be areas of social media that will do wonders for you, while others will be absolutely pointless.

Some of the more popular channels, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are where many businesses turn to right away. These are of course channels that yes, your business should have and use but don’t forget about the smaller less used networks like Google+, Pinterest and Instagram too.

For those who really are unaware of where to start, this is where knowing your audience will come in handy. Know where they are hanging out, where they want to see you and where they will be looking for you. Understanding your audience will help you understand your social media strategies.

Social Media Marketing and Managment

If your audience aren’t spending their time on specific networks you’re less likely to generate leads on those networks, meaning you aren’t going to have a good ROI no matter how much effort you put into it.

Focusing Your Business & Content

One mistake many businesses make with SMM is their focus. It is important to provide consistent, quality content on multiple social channels. This can take time and require a lot of planning, but when you remain focused and directed; the results are always better than those all over the map.

Best way to stay focused is to develop all your content on a specific topic/genre all at one time. This can include such things as:

Create a series of content pieces and maximize your leads. Take the time to also ensure that you remain contextually relevant on all social platforms and be easy to read & follow.

You may be tempted to incorporate constant sales pitches and promotions, but this won’t increase your leads. Just like in real life, people always avoid the sales person until they are ready to buy. Give them something they want to see.

Social media marketing can be used to help generate leads for every business and can be a big step for every business. Take the time to understand your audience and offer them what they want, or you will soon see your SMM campaigns wither and no longer be cost effective for anyone. Be social, be human and be there.