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Email Marketing

Learn how email marketing can be added into your online marketing mix and play a vital role in new leads/ sales and customer retention


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Email Marketing for Business

We have helped many clients with planning, designing and setup of their email marketing campaigns. Among the most important steps for a successful campaign is building a strong email list. The basis of every email marketing campaign is the email list and a quality email list can make the difference between conversions and a good ROI. It takes time and effort to create an email list, and we can help you do it correctly. The list can be developed by getting email addresses from websites, trade shows and more. On the other hand it is important to abide by the ever changing policies and procedures towards privacy and the CANSPAM act. We help our clients throughout the entire process of the email marketing campaign. Among our most fruitful strategies is an email campaign with a robust visual design and call to action, which will take the users clicking on the email to a dedicated landing page. There are ways we can work together to create a game plan for your next email campaign. When your messages are sent we spend time and customize the message that goes with the email. What is said in your email is your decision and what you believe that your audience is looking for. We keep the email clear and crisp and they are always directed to your website where they can take action.

Email Marketing Process

We love strategy, scheduling and planning. We find joy in setting a goal and a list of tasks, and at the end of the day crossing them all off. Planning is the most important aspect of a email marketing campaign. And it is our goal to always work side by side with our clients to put together an exceptional plan, that keeps all parties accountable and engaged.


Planning out an email campaign is the most important aspect and there are questions that need to be asked before. Some of them include who are the receivers of the email, what message do I want to convey, the offers to be promoted, where will the users go when they click on the email etc. At Gooder Marketing we assist our clients create a game plan for a successful email campaign from creation, to calculating the analytics to judging the success rate of the email campaign. Market segmentation is an imperative element of an email marketing process as this determines the tactics and strategy that will be executed to get the expected attention from your subscribers. We begin with identifying your target audience as your main goal as a business owner is to earn profit


A well designed email template is known to have a huge impact on the click through rate of an email. The reader will most often not read the email if it is dull and uninviting, which will result in a low click through rate. While if the email template is clean, and professional, there is better chances of the user reading it, which may lead to higher click through rate. We have an experienced designer to create an email template that is just right for your brand. We sometimes use data from earlier successful email campaigns to incorporate design elements that are a hit.


Many people may not realize it but email templates are among the tougher aspects of the web to develop. The reason behind is the huge number of different types of email clients and softwares whom will be used to open the email and this has to be accounted for during development. Different email platforms render email templates differently and every email template need to be tested on various mail platforms before they are approved. Access to the inbox should not be abused but we add value to the inbox with effective messages. Email marketing is a about the right message at the right time to encourage users to take action and it should have value for the recipient. We try to deliver them when they are most likely to interact.


This is the last step in the process of the email marketing campaign and perhaps the most nerve wracking as once the send button is pushed there is no going back. We make sure that there are no worries with an email campaign with a solid plan, excellent design and a well developed template. The message is determined on your business objectives and the needs of your audience. It is best to keep the styling simple and focus on the message. When done correctly email marketing will help businesses generate hyper sales. You can also earn referrals through other marketing means such as social media marketing.


On the main email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact, statistics can be calculated on click through rate, the open rate as well as how many times a user has opened the email. They are all crucial metrics that need to be evaluated after each email campaign. The data, helps us make assumptions on the users of the email list that can be marked as hot leads. This also helps determine the type of content engages your users the most. This will also tell if things are not working as they should. An email marketing campaign, is a very powerful way to reach your audience, and we use it to achieve several different objectives. We spend time thinking about what all needs to be achieved before starting the email marketing campaign.

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