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strong web hosting can vastly improve your websites speed and security. Test your websites speed below to see how your website compares to industry speed standards.


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Lightning Fast Speed and Reliable Service

Our web hosting is fast and reliable, we have various servers and options, so we are sure to have the perfect option for the needs of your website, some of the special features we have on our web hosting servers are:

  • Fully Managed
  • Server locations in Canada and U.S
  • Dedicated IP Range
  • Automated Updates
  • Scalability

Web Hosting Packages for Business

Small Business

This package is for the average small business website. It is for website that get less than 1000 visits to their website per month. This package includes fast reliable web hosting, with all the storage and server resources you will need

Medium Business

This package is for website that get less than 5000 visitors to their website per month. This package is an upgraded version of our small business plan. It includes improved server resources and speeds, to handle a a website of this size.

Power House

Our Power House package is for ecommerce or large websites. This package has all the resources to run a website that gets alot of traffic, or has many pages, files and images. Lightning fast speed and added features to improve website performance.

What to Consider when Buying Web Hosting

When shopping for web hosting, it is important to be aware of what you need to look for in your website hosting service. Typically most of them have similar claims. You need to do your homework before you select your web hosting company. The need for appropriate and reliable web hosting service goes up a lot if you are launching a business website. Before selecting web hosting be totally clear of your objectives and plans for your business website. You need a web host that offers optimum amount of disk space. Bandwidth is the next important factor after disk space which you should not overlook. You need to attract as many visitors as possible to your business website and this requires optimum bandwidth and available storage space. Along with an affordable provider, it is very important to consider reliability. Typically you will get what you pay for, having downtime on your website can cost your company sales and leads, so it is best to purchase a web host that you can rely on . Make sure that you get the best provider for the money you spend. We can provide you with the best web hosting options for your business at the most competitive cost.