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PPC Google advertising is a quick way to get more traffic to your website, and it can work with any size of budget.


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Creating the Perfect Campaign

We have helped several clients create very successful Google Adwords PPC campaigns. Our approach is the same for every client who wants a PPC campaign. We start with planning and understanding the target market. This is done by Q and A with our clients, and we also look at their website analytics to give us a better understanding of their current audience. We may even create users personas, to better identify and target multiple audiences. We then create a demographic to target PPC ads to. Our ad creation team, can create highly engaging text ads or design beautiful display ads. If your company entertains international buyers, we can also reach out to other countries. A list of keywords that fits your company needs to be targeted. Keyword selection is a very important step in the process of creating a perfect campaign. We create this list, set up the amount to be spent everyday, and start the campaign. It is possible to set the bid for clicks manually, to allow more control. This will ensure that your ads will stop showing once the budget is spent. Smart use of the landing page is an important element for success, as it has been proven that landing pages enhance the rate of conversions and lead generation.

Creative Web Design Process

We love strategy, scheduling and planning. We find joy in setting a goal and a list of tasks, and at the end of the day crossing them all off. Planning is the most important aspect of a web design project. And it is our goal to always work side by side with our clients to put together an exceptional plan, that keeps all parties accountable and engaged.


Planning is among the most crucial aspects of building a successful Google Ads campaign. We start the campaign with a kick off meeting with our clients in order to understand their needs and to know more about their company, goals, as well as the target audience. We then develop a strategy based on the discussions that outlines how we will go ahead with the Google Ads campaign and ways improve it over time. We start with realistic expectations and strive to deliver optimum results. Our clients are aware of the progress we make. When the campaign is in place, the ads themselves are created. Even if you plan to run just one ad, we organize things properly and create a successful campaign first.


During the research phase of the campaign we conduct a detailed search of the different keywords and phrases, that are typed by the users to search for your kind of product or service. Then the list is discussed with the client before finally deciding on the lucrative list of keywords. These keywords are used as a tool, which gives us an average cost per click for every keyword. With intensive and focused research we are able to build a successful campaign, which also helps the client understand what results to expect. Research ensures that we use the right and most appropriate keywords for a successful campaign. If wrong keywords are selected you may get some clicks but no conversions. This is a bad scenario, where you pay for clicks and get no returns.


We take care of all the required setup and management of Google Ad campaigns for our client. We start with setting up an account for our client, and creating a campaign that includes the specified target demographics, allocated budget, keywords, and extensions. We also set up conversion tracking that allows us to monitor the performance of the campaign in terms of sales and lead generation. The campaign is further tweaked and developed as and when the need arises after consultation with the clients. Modern techniques and applications are used to make sure that the campaign is designed and runs successfully.


When the campaign is launched , we test to make sure everything is working properly and that the tracking system is able to track all the users that have come via the campaign. The campaign is also monitored and is tweaked continuously for improvement. With the rise in mobile usage, it is possible that a large percentage of your traffic is coming from mobile devices and we do not assume that desktop and mobile traffic offer the same results. We can categorize campaigns by device type which allows us to manage the traffic independently. Ad copy is among the the most important parts of the AdWords campaign as it attracts prospects and repels those that will not convert to clients.


We are continuously analyzing and improving our PPC campaigns. There are many variables that can be adjusted in a campaign that can improve the ROI of the campaign. Every month a report is submitted to our clients on how their Google Ad campaigns have performed. A well-structured campaign is a must if you want your ad spend to turn into a profit. The foundation of a well-structured account is a lot about relevancy. Testing and tracking is a must to evaluate the success of your campaign. For example the images we select for the ads need to grab the attention of prospective clients and it makes them want to click on the ad. The ad image must set you apart from the rest of all the numerous campaigns out in the virtual world.

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