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Customers finding you in a Google Search is crucial to your business. Dominate Google search and you’ll have a clear advantage over the competition. That’s where we come in. We’re the SEO company with a stellar track record of helping clients like you:

  • Rank Higher on Google Searches
  • Direct more traffic to your website
  • Grow your business
  • Generate leads for your sales team
  • Engage your audience

How We Get Outstanding Results


SEO is all about beating the competition to take the top spot in Google Search results. We work hard to get you there. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing our work pay off as your phone starts ringing with new customers who found you online.

Perfected Recipe

No cookie-cutter recipes here. Your SEO campaign is custom-developed for you, using techniques and tools that we’ve proven work. Our tribe of SEO ninjas are an expert group of dedicated staff whose sole focus is using SEO to help your business grow.

SEO Experts

We know that the best website is worthless if people can’t find it. That’s why we don’t treat SEO as an add-on, like other web development companies do. Gooder Marketing can truly say we’re the experts in providing high quality SEO services that deliver results.

Why we do SEO Gooder

Gooder Marketing is a web development company focused on SEO first and foremost. That’s because we know that customers have to find you online first. Only then can that great website begin to work for you.

Since 2012, we’ve used SEO to help small to medium sized businesses drive customers through their doors. We review what you currently have and consult to let you know if a focused SEO plan will give you the results you need with your existing website. At times existing websites are too poorly developed to be optimized for SEO. Then we bring in our expert web development and design team to plan an upgrade. In some cases a total redesign of a website is needed to attain top results in SEO and improve the customer online experience.

All our web developers are trained in SEO, so that every website we develop is optimized. When it comes to SEO and dominating a Google search, good isn’t good enough. It’s got to be Gooder.

Why We Are Gooder

We are a proven SEO company that delivers results to our clients. Learn how we get our clients onto the first page of Google.

Project Overview

We start out by learning about your business and your goals. That’s followed up by gathering all essential information to start the campaign.

SEO Audit

We perform an SEO audit to see how your website is currently performing. What’s working well and what aspects of the website need improvements for SEO.

Keyword Research

We sift through hundreds of keywords and phrases people may use to search online for your product or service. Then we narrow the list down to a respectable number.

Competitive analysis

Benchmarking your business with a few competitors will help measure improvement. We also investigate competitors to see how their SEO structure has been built.

We sift through hundreds of different keywords and phrases people may use in search to find your product or service, and narrow the list down to a respectable number.

Competitive analysis

Benchmarking your business with a few competitors will help measure improvement. We also investigate competitors to see how their SEO structure has been built.

On Page Strategy

We build a plan on what needs to be improved on your website; UX, Content, Code Structure etc. Then we plan a strategy on how to accomplish the identified areas of improvement.

Off Page Strategy

We first identify what Off Page presence a business has, and ensure the information out on the internet is accurate. We then build a plan to expand the off page presence.

Content Strategy

We review all the content within a website. We measure it for keyword density and structure. Then we build a plan to bolster content both on and off the website.

Social Media Strategy

We’ll give you simple tips and tools that make content creation for social media easier and better planned. We help you build a social media strategy and schedule, so that all your posts are pre planned and deliver a great marketing message.

On Page Improvements

Often a website is not fully optimized for SEO. During this step we improve every aspect of the website so it meets the criteria that search bots such as Google are looking for in their algorithm. These tasks can include; meta titles and descriptions, improvements to the website code, content improvements, internal linking, URL structure and much more

Content Injection

Content is king when it comes to SEO, if the content is not found within the website for a specific keyword, the website will not rank for that keyword. In this phase we add new content to the website to target the keywords we have identified, and we continue to create content over the campaigns lifespan to bolster the content density within the website.


One aspect of the Google algorithm is accuracy and quantity of citations, or business directory listings. We identify what citations a business has, clean up any listings that are inaccurate and build out more citations.

Social Media

Social media accounts for 5-7% of Google’s SEO algorithm. It is imperative to have social accounts created and linked up to a business and to share content on these networks.

Backlink Building

Backlinks are and will always be a strong influencer to SEO rankings. We help build quality backlinks to websites, which in turn improve the SEO ranking of the website.


Getting web traffic to a website is one thing, making the traffic convert into sales and leads is the most important. We monitor analytics of the web traffic and website to ensure the site converts at a high rate, and implement changes when and where we see areas for improvement.

Performance Reporting

Each month we compile a detailed report outlining all the SEO activities in the campaign. Including rankings for each of the targeted keywords and the amount of website traffic. We also show comparisons between your business and your competitors.