Blackline Consulting

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Website Design for Management Consultancies:

Blackline Consulting is a management consultancy firm in Toronto that have been working with many clients since 2013. They needed a new website design that would fit into today’s standards when it comes to modern design.

Management Consultancy Website Development Services:

Gooder Marketing developed the new website design for Blackline Consultancy. The website not only has a more modern website design, but it can also be accessible on any device including smartphones, desktops, and tablets. This will make searching through the website’s content much easier and provide the right information for new and returning clients.

Web Design and Development for Management Consultancies:

The main goals for the website development for Blackline Consulting is to create a website design that is modern in today’s standards and organized when it comes to reading content. We began the process by creating an image mockup of the new website to provide a detailed look at what the website will look like at launch. Finally, the website is developed using WordPress; a content management system that provides an organized layout for the overall design and also for content. We finally test the website to see if it’s working properly on all devices.