Canadian Youth Speakers

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Event Website Design

The Canadian Youth Speakers Bureau represents speakers across Canada whose target audience is youth and often they will speak in schools or at student events. Gooder Marketing was asked to create a website which not only showcased these speakers, but also provided an easy and effective way for someone to search through the available speakers according to specific details about them including their topics, age of audience and province. The website provides a way for event organizers to easily find the right speaker and also book them all in one place.

Youth Speakers Website Design and Development:

A form with various dropdowns for customized search is prominently displayed on the homepage to allow users to easily find the perfect speaker for their conference or event. Each searchable option is included as a dropdown so that only accurate variables are presented to prevent any confusion. At the bottom of each individual speaker page there is a booking form for that speaker.

Event and Conference Website Design:

Having a clean and simple layout is important when designing websites that communicate a large amount of information about one topic (speakers). Gooder Marketing used WordPress to develop this website which will enable to Canadian Youth Speakers Bureau to easily control which speakers are on their site. The site is optimized for mobile and works on all modern browsers.