D.C. United Roofing

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Website Design for Roofing Services in Barrie:

Gooder Marketing helped in design and development of the website for D.C. United Roofing; a company that provides convenient roofing services for the city of Barrie. They needed a new website that can help reach more people with a professional design that would meet today’s website design standards. Gooder Marketing was able to help create an updated version of the website so that it provides a professional design that provides all the information new customers need about their roofing services.

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Website Design for Roofing Services in Barrie:

D.C. United Roofing now has a organized website design that was created using WordPress; a content management system that provides easy and organized website development process when it comes to content creation for the website as well as the content used for search engine optimization. In recent years, more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet as it is more convenient. This website can be seen on any device such as a smartphone or tablet. It is beneficial because this will help more people that uses their mobile device to reach the internet. Their website can be seen on any device and can reach to people that are on-the-go, and it benefits because Google promotes mobile-friendly website designs in their search engine.

AdWords Campaign for Roofing Company :

Gooder Marketing also created a online advertising campaign using Google AdWords that can create ads that can be viewed on Google’s search engine to help reach more people looking for roofing services. They developed a great website design for D.C. United Roofing. Now with a new website design that can provide new clients with a better website experience providing a community for people with breathing apparatuses reaching out to more people. The site can be viewed on any mobile device. Gooder Marketing created a website design that is professionally designed and can help reach out to new clients.