Encore TeleSolutions

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Website Design for Answering and Reception Services:

Encore Tele Solutions has their website redesigned by Gooder Marketing to make the entire website look responsive, clean and mobile-friendly. SEO for Encore has improved by increasing their search engine presence through blog posts and relevant keywords relating to telephone answering services. The keyword positions for the website have improved as four keywords are currently ranked in the top position.

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Answering Service Web Design:

Encore Tele Solutions’ website is very easy to navigate as it is responsive to different smartphones and monitors It has lots of content that is filled with keywords. Visitors can now gain information about telephone answering services, appointment booking and incident reporting lines. Using WordPress, Gooder Marketing was able to make a responsive website design that is professionally organized. WordPress is a content management system that helps Encore in creating content for pages as well as meta titles, descriptions, and image alt tages for search engine optimization.

SEO and PPC for Phone Answering Service:

Each page was given search engine optimization so that it can rank better on search engines using specific keywords and blog posts that relates to telephone answering services. It also improves in search engine optimization through Google Adwords and pay-per-click ads to increase the search position of the website and be noticed more on the front page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which can also gain more customers because the ad from being on the first page of the search engine.