Kostyniuk & Greenside Lawyers

Kostyniuk & Greenside Lawyers

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Website Design for Insurance Lawyers:

Kostyniuk & Greenside Lawyers is an insurance lawyer firm that can help with insurance defence litigation, and accident benefits. They needed a new website design that can provide an easier way of adding content including reported decisions and lawyers to the website in a more organized layout made for modern standards.

Insurance Law Website Development Services:

The website development for the new website design for Kostyniuk & Greenside Lawyers was completed courtesy of Gooder Marketing. The website is now accessible on all devices including smartphones and tablets that provides all the information about their insurance law firm. This website is also easier to organize content with a more modern layout and a content management system that make content creation easier for the client.

Web Design and Development for Insurance Law Firms:

The main task in the website design and development for Kostyniuk & Greenside Lawyers is to build a modern website design and layout that is helpful in not only providing clients with information about their law firm, but make it easier to add content to the site. We started by creating a mockup of the site using images to provide the initial concept of the design. Next, we build the website using the content management system; WordPress. This will help provide an organized layout for content creation and make it easily accessible on all devices.