Mr. Animal Control

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Website Design Services for Animal Control:

Mr. Animal Control is a pest control company that can help people in Barrie and across Simcoe County. The company needed a new website design that can help provide customers with information about their animal control services.

Website Development Services for Pest Removals:

The website designing and development of the new website for Mr. Animal Control was completed by Gooder Marketing. Their new website has a new, organized design that people can easily find the information that customers will need about their pest control services. The website is now accessible on many devices including smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets. Having a mobile website design is a major benefit as search engines like Google and Yahoo rank good mobile designs higher so customers can find the website much easier.

Animal Control Web Design and Development:

The primary task for the website development team at Gooder Marketing in the designing of the website for Mr. Animal Control is to create a new design that would fit with modern website standards. The process would begin by creating a mockup using images to give an idea of what the website will look like. Then the website would be developed using the content management system WordPress. This provided the website a much easier and organized layout to view and create content. Finally, the website would go through accessibility testing to make sure that it works on all devices.