Mr. Junk Removal

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Website Design for Junk Removal Companies:

Mr. Junk Removal is a junk removal service company in Ontario that can remove all the household junk from any home. They needed a new website design that would be up to date in web design trends, and provides helpful information about the junk removal services that the company provides in a organized layout.

Pest Control Company Website Development Services:

The website development for the new website for Mr. Junk Removal was done by Gooder Marketing. The website now has a brand new, organized layout that provides all the information that clients will need about their junk removal company. The website also is more accessible on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops.

Web Design and Development for Junk Removal Companies:

The main goal for the website design and development for Mr. Junk Removal’s new website was to create a more organized layout that can be helpful when searching for information about their junk removal removal company. To begin, we create an image mockup of the initial design to provide a good idea of how the final design will look. Next, the website was developed using the content management system: WordPress. Finally, the website was tested for accessibility on all devices so that everyone can view the website with no problems.