The Evolution of Web Design

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The Evolution of Web Design

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The Source of News and Information

The information superhighway has evolved in many ways when it comes to design. Starting with the website’s of the 1990’s, many of the websites were used as a source of information. Mostly focuses on HTML and CSS, the main thing that these sites were to provide was news and information.

Macromedia Flash Player and User-Based Content

However, things were changing when it comes to design by the start of the 2000’s with a little thing called Macromedia Flash Player (Which is now called Adobe Flash Player). Things began to become more lively while still providing information adding in animations and built-in video players that didn’t need to open the video player from the desktop. When the mid 2000’s came along, it changed everything as the focus shifted from reporters creating the content to user-based content with sites such as Facebook and YouTube entered the fray. While still keeping the website design standards of before, it became an age where the user becomes the reporter, or they can become a star just by uploading a video of yourself. It grew to become more of a community. The smartphone came along around the same time and changed how website designs were designed and the focus shifted to websites that were responsive to smartphones creating a cleaner site that is organized for any device.

The Internet’s Main Intent is Still the Same

There have been many changes when it comes to website designs. Who knows what the future may bring to the information superhighway? It may have changed, but it’s main intent will always be the same to provide a source of news and information to people around the world.

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