Using Google Apps to Improve Your Business

Using Google Apps to Improve Your Business



Using Google Apps to Improve Your Business

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E-Mail Branding – With Google Apps for Business

One of the most popular communication mediums online, alongside social media is e-mail. People are more likely to send you an email versus picking up the phone and it has revolutionized how businesses and consumers interact with each other.

Email has become an integral part of our lives and has become the must have for businesses of all sizes. Emails are delivered instantly, with the ability to deliver just about anything; giving it a communicative edge compared to all other communication methods.

Business Email Branding with Google

As the use of email communication grows, so does the need for business branding within email communication. Businesses now need to have their business name incorporated for consumers to trust email transfers, and Google Apps for Business make email branding easier.

With Google Apps for Business, businesses can now customize their email domain text from the usual to the business name;

Google Apps for Business offer a wide array of features including personalized emails, business calendars, email spam protection, Google Drive cloud storage and Google Docs. The apps can be integrated with each individual email account as well as shared across a business as a whole with the right setup and steps.

What Does This Mean for Businesses?

Businesses can now touch a whole new avenue of brand marketing with the use of Google Apps Business email. They can incorporate their business name into email accounts for every employee as well as all sent out email communications.

A business email address can play a major role in that way individuals and businesses actively market themselves; both product, service and skills. It may not seem like an important aspect for your business, but a business email address can express a lot about you and your business.

Generic email addresses may provide an impression of small or that you are unwilling to invest in your business image, which could potentially lose sales/conversions.

Take advantage of a cost effective advertising option and consider incorporating email branding with your business today. Contact Gooder Marketing to setup your new email brand and other Google Apps that could be beneficial for your business. We can help you integrate both Google email for your business as well as the variety of Google Apps for Business. Stop missing out on the potential of Google and get your business branding done right today!

For more information or to get your business on Google visit our Google Apps Setup service page.

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