Local Marketing – Increasing Your Businesses Local Presence

Local Marketing – Increasing Your Businesses Local Presence



Local Marketing – Increasing Your Businesses Local Presence

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When a business isn’t seen, it isn’t known. When a business isn’t known a business isn’t successful. Increasing your businesses local presence is important and necessary if you want any chance at true success in your local area. Our process is pretty simple. In this next article we will take you through various steps to help improve your next local marketing campaign and really improve your local business presence online.

You and Your Online Reach

For businesses hoping to increase their local reach online, the first thing you’ll want to consider is having a website developed. This is your virtual store front and where people are going to find all the information they are searching for about your business. If you’ve yet to develop a website for your business and are hoping to increase your localized search, it is time to get a website done.

Contact Gooder Marketing about our website development services and start increasing your local presence. We are now offering responsive website design so your customers can access your website on any device!

Finding the Right Keywords

When it comes to local marketing, the first thing you’ll need to look at is the keywords being used by the consumers. These are the things people are searching to find you. Are they finding you easily? Does your business display in the search results?

Doing some keyword research and analysis can be very beneficial and in turn lower your ads spending budget each month by retargeting for the keyword markets relevant to your business.

Know Your Links

Google is not a fan of links and link buying. It is against the terms of use and can actually have you removed from the Google search engine if it is apparent you are purchasing links. Know the links pointing towards your website and be in control of who is linking to you.

Don’t know a link? Do a Google Disavov and get it fixed right away.

Are You Listed in Google Places?

Google is the way of the local SEO future. People continuously search on Google for local restaurants, businesses, etc. both when they are out and about, as well as when planning trips. Having your business listed on Google Places can increase your local reach as well as increase your conversion rates as people are coming to you knowing they are where they want to be before arriving.
Don’t know how to setup Google Places or want to improve previous listing, but don’t know where to start? Let us do the work for you!

Have You Done a Citation Audit Recently?

First things first, for those who do not know what a citation is: a citation is a website that collects data of local businesses, services, restaurants, etc. A popular citation source that is commonly used is Yellowpages. Other examples are Yelp, Google Places and Canada Pages.

Having a citation audit done can ensure that the information placed throughout citations is accurate as well as up to date for your businesses specific data. It is also important to remove duplicate listings and repair any discrepancies regularly to maintain a professional look online.

Citation building is something every business should consider doing, especially if they are hoping to have a local SEO reach. If you’ve yet to do citation building for your business and would like some assistance doing so, do not hesitate to contact Gooder Marketing to find out how we can help you.

Get People Talking!

Did you ever think about what people are saying about your business? Did you know a person is more likely to buy from your business if you have reviews and experience from other shoppers available online? As the review craze continues to grow online, so is the need for business reviews.

Start getting reviews done by your customers and see what people like, don’t like and things they wish you’d improve. This not only is good for business growth on a consumer level but also on a financial level.

Find Your Voice and Write With It!

When was the last time you had a voice? Shared upcoming events or special moments that have happened around the office? Having content behind your business is important. It allows people to read, find what they are searching for and also is a great avenue for incorporating extended keywords.

Without content, people wouldn’t find anything that they were searching for online. If you don’t have the skills to write, hire someone who does like the writers here at Gooder Marketing!

Getting Social on Social Media

Alongside having content behind your businesses online storefront, there is another area where you should have a voice; social media. Social media is now the top must have for every single business out there. People live in the social world online and giving your business a social platform to be discovered on could have many benefits.

Social media is also a great space to get customer reviews. People can easily submit a review about your business on social pages and let the world see how great your business is! Need help getting your foot in the door with social media? Consider hiring a Social Media Marketing specialist to help you.

There are going to be a lot of steps before you get that online success you’ve longed to have. With the right steps, direction and processes however you’ll soon be on your way to have a great local presence online. Don’t struggle with your local marketing campaigns any longer and turn to the professionals at Gooder Marketing today.

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