What you need to know about Google’s Mobile Update

What you need to know about Google’s Mobile Update



What you need to know about Google’s Mobile Update

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Mobile SEO is More Important than Ever!

Successful businesses achieve growth by leveraging technology in their favor.
With the latest Google algorithm update dubbed “Mobilegeddon” Business owners can position themselves to inherit increased website traffic by implementing a mobile friendly website.

How to Tell if Your Site is Mobile Friendly?

Just because your website opens and is functional on your mobile devices does not always mean it is infact mobile friendly. One of the best ways to know for certian is by going to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool. Punch in your websites URL and it will run an audit and tell you if your site is mobile friendly, or if there are errors that need to be fixed.

What Makes a Site Mobile Friendly?

So what factors are considered by Google to define a mobile-friendly website?
Your site uses text that is readable without zooming
The content resizes to fit the screen, so users don’t have to scroll side to side.
Your site doesn’t use Flash or other elements that do not work on some mobile devices.
Buttons and links are placed with enough space around them to be targeted with a fingertip

How Will Mobilegeddon Affect Your Website Traffic?

If your site is mobile friendly then you can be inline for some increased website traffic from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly then you may see a drop in mobile device traffic. How much is all determined on your competition, and how well your site is optimized for mobile SEO.
Not to fret! One of the good parts of this update, is that Google has stated they will continuously look for changes to websites and monitor if they become mobile friendly. Within a couple of days of making your site mobile friendly Google could have it indexed and ranking higher.

Getting your Site Mobile Friendly

If your site is not mobile friendly then this should be the push you needed to take the leap and have a mobile friendly site designed and developed. At Gooder Marketing we have been developing our websites with responsive technology for the past 3 years (we like to think we saw this coming)

What is a Responsive Website?

Responsive websites are a great way to ensure your website is mobile friendly and accessible on any mobile device. A responsive website will detect the users screen size to present the user with a site that is optimized for their device. Take a look at this example of a responsive site.
If you need help in getting your site mobile friendly contact us today, we can take your current website design and turn it into a responsive theme, or we can give your site a fresh new redesign.

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