The World Of Ecommerce Websites

When faced with deciding where to sell products online, many individuals are caught between two options. Selling on an online marketplace or creating an ecommerce website. While both have pros and cons there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will work perfectly. It simply boils down to your business and its goals – and luckily enough Gooder Marketing is here to spill the tea on some of the opportunities ecommerce websites have!

Build A Customer Email List & Market Directly To Them

One of the most important aspects that goes along with having your own ecommerce website is gaining the opportunity to direct marketing at potential customers and website visitors. This is made possible through ecommerce websites because by selling directly to consumers,  you are able to collect their contact information.

Having returning customers is nearly impossible through online marketplaces, simply because you don’t get to access your customers. This limits the opportunity to provide impressive customer service, or even extend offers towards other products you’re selling. Whereas when you have information like customers email addresses you are able to offer them marketing promotions, discounts, and announce new product launches!

Establish & Strengthen Your Brand

Selling your products through online marketplaces is challenging in the sense that there is no room for brand awareness or recognition. This is due to the fact that there really is no organization in terms of the way the products are listed.

Instead of having customers assume your product belongs to the marketplace, you want them to remember your brand. This is where ecommerce provides immense opportunity. Make a goal, to have your consumers associate your product with your brand, because if they do that they will think of your brand like a category that exists in their day to day life!

Customizable & Loads Of Opportunity

Running an ecommerce website means you have all the opportunity to positively influence the customer journey and user experience. From product pictures, navigation, colour themes and branding it has the potential to make consumers feel a real life experience and build a connection with your brand.

You can have fun with the building process, with full customization. Remember –  you want consumers to make associations between your brand and products, not with a top competitor in an online marketplace.