Anything and Everything Digital

Each year we witness the digital world grow, which means digital marketing is evolving and establishing new foundational practices for future marketing. The best way to deal with change is to embrace it, because after the year like 2021, we have come to realize that internet marketing companies and the digital world is something we can always depend on. With that said, let’s jump in and look at some of the new developments to come and the trends that are going to emerge throughout the upcoming year!

Short DIY Videos

The emergence of TikTok has pivoted social media away from status updates and curated photo grids in favour of short video posts. Other platforms such as Instagram and Youtube have quickly caught onto this trend by deciding to introduce Instagrams Reels feature, and Youtube ‘shorts’.

The significance of short videos is that they provide a fast-paced way for individuals to be exposed to content and highlights. Not only that, but they are also engaging because they encourage individuals to participate whether it is a new trend, dance, challenge, or surveys/polls. The short engaging video content is appealing to the younger demographics and is slowly expanding because they are candid, behind-the-scenes, DIY, real stories which consumers can relate to or benefit from.

Telling A REAL Story

Storytelling has always and will always be a key component for brand marketing. But when it comes to selling your products within the digital world, individuals want to hear more than just a promise stating that your goods and services are better than your competitor. What they want is a story explaining how you delivered on your promises in ways that surpass the expectation of consumers!

Storytelling or real-life testimonials provide an amazing opportunity for brands or businesses to share how a product or service met their consumers’ needs or helped solve a particular problem. Now it’s not magic that will result in direct sales, but it will put your brand front and center in the consumer’s mind the next time they want to try a product or service.

Focus On Your Audience

Although the emergence of digital trends has been positive in many ways, it has also been noted that social media users have been tired and overwhelmed with all of the content and paid advertisement they are exposed to daily. To say that social media feeds of users remain saturated with an abundance of news, ads and campaigns would be an understatement.

Cutting through the noise with a unique strategy to reach your target audience is key. For instance, start with a internet marketing strategy that will allow you to reach your existing audience which will allow you to build your database. From there you will see a pattern of growth as your messaging reaches other consumers who may be interested in your product or service!