What are Highly Engaging Headlines?

Whether you’re writing a new email, ad copy, or blog post the headline you create needs to be captivating! Think of a headline, similar to a magnet, if it has a strong force, then individuals will be more likely attracted. If not, it’s simple they’ll move on.

The task of writing a quality headline is nothing short of exciting, but it is often found to be one of the most pressurizing parts of writing. The headline text may be short, but it is powerful, so learn to make it creative, catchy and converting. Let us help you uncover the formula behind strategic headline writing!

What is Headline Copy?

A headline is the title you give written content, and although it may sound simple, the task of coming to establish an effective one is not. Headlines are what viewers read first, not only are they located at the top of the content, but they often appear in bigger bold fonts.

One key difference to note, while learning the basics of headline writing is the difference between Headlines and Headers. Unlike headlines, headers often appear throughout the text in multiple locations and act more as a divider than a captivating piece of information.

Before we move on, here are some aspects you should consider including in your headline when you are writing one next: Relevant Adjectives, Numbers, Insight, Emotion, Questions, Alliterations, and SEO Keywords. These are key to include in your headlines because they evoke viewers emotions and further encourage them to read the content to discover more information!

Headlines For Websites

At Gooder Marketing, we think about headlines often in relation to websites. Writing a headline for a website is easy, writing a headline for a website that makes the reader stop, stay, and scroll is difficult.

In reality, if your headline doesn’t manage to do this, you’re going to be losing money and sales important to your business. So I bet you just want to know,  how do I write an effective headline for my website?

Remember this, you want to keep your headline on the shorter side, between 6-12 words works, but ideally keep it on the shorter side of 6 or fewer. Have your target audience in mind while you are writing your headline. The chances are, if you’re writing it for them, then it will hook them immediately!

Don’t be afraid to test your headlines repeatedly, understanding what is working and what isn’t helps you write better headlines in the future. Finally, take your time and be specific. You don’t have to write the headline first, and you don’t have to settle for the first headline you write. It is better to create a few headlines that are specific and relevant to your content and choose one.

The Key To Catchy Headlines

The key to catchy headlines isn’t standard, it varies depending on content but is necessary as it compels individuals towards taking action!

With a catchy headline you will notice the ability to have your post shared on social media more frequently, gain more traffic on your website, and even make more sales. Here are some internet marketing tips to think about when striving for the best catch:

Pique Curiosity: When curiosity is peaked, readers want more!

Educate: Readers want to learn, what is one valuable piece of information you can give them?

Be Smart: If you’ve compiled data, or can relate to something scientific, do it!

Take this for example… ‘The Experts Guide To Engaging Headlines’