A Quick Insight to Hashtags

Incorporating the presence of hashtags into your social media marketing strategy is a fantastic way to grow the number of individuals and audiences you reach. Though they require a little research and some creativity, they are an affordable way to bring those who might be interested in your content right to your social media doorstep.

Be Aware of the Number, Placement and Visibility

Something to think about first while using hashtags is the number, placement and visibility of your hashtags. In particular, it has been found that the number, placement and visibility of hashtags is directly related to your social media profile size.

What this means is that a profile with a smaller following, may need to strategize using more hashtags placed with limited visibility within the caption. Whereas a profile with a larger following, may need to strategize using less hashtags, more visibly displayed within the caption.

You may be wondering, how you are going to hide a hashtag in a caption that is clearly visible? Since we tend to keep captions short, sweet, and relevant, you want to find a way to hide the hashtags behind the ‘See More’ feature by adding text breaks and spaces between your caption and the placement of the hashtags.

Research, Relate and Combine

Start by doing your research, seeking out what hashtags influencers and brands similar are using regularly. Individuals interested in the related content will be more likely to come across your social channel because of the commonality between hashtag use.

Another beneficial tip is searching the hashtag you plan on using beforehand. Social media platforms like Instagram allow you to search and view what posts and how many posts have previously used a hashtag. This can help you discover what hashtags you want to be in the mix with.

Finally, when narrowing down the hashtags you want to use, it is important to combine the use of popular hashtags with less popular smaller niche hashtags. Using popular hashtags will certainly put you on the social media grid, however you also need to find a way to stand out and be unique.

Keep a List and Switch it Up

When you have a new post ready to go live on a social media platform, you don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel. Instead you want to have a list of relevant hashtags related to your brand that you can use interchangeably. This way when you are ready to post, you can browse your list of hashtags and select the ones that would be most relevant to use!

This social media strategy also aligns with the need to switch it up. Switching up your use of hashtags, while still keeping them relevant will allow you to still reach a wider more diverse audience. Remember that when you are changing out hashtags, to step into the viewer’s perspective. Most individuals when they are searching for content through hashtags, are looking for inspiration!