Discover How Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns Work In 2022

Why You Should Start Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns

If you have been working to establish an Instagram marketing strategy and haven’t seen results as quickly as you would like, then it might be time to look into influencer marketing. Building and growing your brand on social media is something that takes time and consistency. But Instagram influencer marketing campaigns can help give you the jump start you need.

Read on to learn how Instagram influencer campaigns can help you reach new audiences and build trust amongst your followers!

Tap Into New Audiences, Build Credibility and Trustworthiness

Most businesses find that their social media following only reflects a small portion of their total addressable market. Standard influencers typically have 50k+ followers, which means choosing to utilize an individual with a broad following will help you reach new potential customers quickly!

Reaching new potential customers is one thing, however convincing them that your product or service is of value to them is also a challenge. To validate your businesses credibility, many individuals seek out information from reviews, want to try samples, or research competitors for valuable comparison.

Incorporating influencer marketing can help build your credibility more efficiently simply by attracting new audiences due to their expertise. More specifically if an influencer was to support your business and talk fondly of it, then followers are likely to trust what they are supporting.

How To Find Influential Creators

Instagram houses a hub of creators, virtually one for every niche. Which means there is tons of potential to reach an influencer who can help support your business or industry. Here are some tips to help point you in the right direction!

Start with a search for relevant hashtags to your business/industry. This will allow you to see popular posts and individuals who are posting about content valuable to you. Next you can expand your search by looking through popular location tags, this is especially helpful if your business has a presence in a local community. Finally you want to start looking through your business mentions, you would be surprised to see that many influencers are patiently waiting to be found!

How To Partner With Influential Creators

Once you have done the research, you can begin creating a list of influencers you would like to partner with!

From here the key to actually putting the influencer marketing strategy into action is by building relationships with potential partners. Most influencers feel strongly about the content they promote which means an important step to working with them is building a relationship that makes them feel like they are also the right fit for your business!

After this, you can begin the process of mapping out internet marketing campaigns, setting goals for your influencer partnerships and measuring campaign results. Although the process takes the right balance of time, budget and tools, it is very possible to build relationships, set realistic goals, and run engaging campaigns that will help you grow your business!