Revealing The Recipe To YouTube Video Success

You may have clicked on this blog because you’re curious to know, why YouTube? Well, I am here to tell you there are some pretty convincing reasons!

YouTube is a search engine that is owned by Google, which just happens to be the largest search engine in the world. It is noted that almost 65% of individuals on the Internet go to YouTube when searching for information.

Even though YouTube is a search engine, it is important to understand how it works to put the right information in front of the right people. YouTube revolves around intent-based content, so when you position your content around search terms, you must know that YouTube tries to find you the right audience. This doesn’t necessarily happen in a systematic fashion, but it bases itself on discovering what people want to see, and then proceeds to start putting that content in front of them. This is an important mindset to adopt when it comes to creating content, because rather than focusing on what content you want to produce, you can focus on what kind of content you need to produce in order to get in front of your ideal audience!

Don’t Make These Mistakes

All social media marketing platforms have their own niche and it is important to understand that niche, when deciding whether it is the right avenue for your business. YouTube is a platform that requires a fair amount of planning, especially if you want to utilize it to help grow your business. With YouTube, you need to ensure it is established with the mechanics of the platform. So before you start out on your new journey, make sure you have a strong understanding of your strategy to ensure you are able to maximize the return you receive from investing in content creation for YouTube.

The second aspect you want to ensure you have a strong grasp on, is your target audience. As mentioned earlier in the blog, you want to be able to focus on creating content your ideal audience would want to see. But if you don’t have a good understanding of who your ideal audience is, then you are going to have a real hard time creating that sort of content. Try to get inside the minds of your target audience, to understand who is on the other side of the camera, and how they will benefit from your content!

Think Big Ideas, Hook Audience, Engage With Content

The perfect YouTube video recipe does exist, and it works effectively if you execute each of the elements successfully!

The first key element is the ‘big idea’, once you have that down, you can think about how you can convey this to your audience. Your thumbnail image really is the perfect opportunity, it allows you to tell your audience what the ‘big idea’ is.

Next, is the hook, this is the first chance you get to make your audience want to watch more. It is the opening portion of your video that helps you grab their attention. This timeframe is crucial especially on YouTube!

Finally, there is the bulk of the content. This is the opportunity you get to optimize and enhance the content being displayed in relation to your target audience. Aspects like creative edits, audio, and other components are what can take your video to the next level. You want to engage your audience, and maintain that with the content you’re presenting.

The Secret Ingredient

Before I end this internet marketing blog, I wanted to leave you with the secret ingredient needed for YouTube to support your business needs. This is the transition or segue into more content, otherwise known as your next video. In the world of YouTube, there should never be a definitive ending, because if you provide your audience with that, there is no reason for them to continue watching.

Therefore your overarching goal on YouTube should always be keep the ending hidden and rather use this as a strategic opportunity to transition into your next video!