What Using ‘Social Proof’ Does For Marketing

If you start reading this blog post and don’t know what ‘Social Proof’ is, don’t panic. I can fix that here, ‘Social Proof’ is a piece of information used to validate your business. For example, take an image, review, or award from a trusted business who you have worked with and use it to highlight your ability to help other businesses achieve their goals.

The amazing thing about social proof is that it has the power to convince other potential businesses to use your business. All because it builds trust, creates the fear of missing out, and establishes authority. Not only that, but it also provides dimension to your digital presence. Branded content is important, but when you don’t balance it with other aspects, like social proof, you may sound like an advertisement rather than well-rounded and authentic organization.

What Kind Of Social Proof Can You Use?

There are several types of ‘Social Proof’ you can use to support your marketing strategy, each with varying benefits. Below I will list four with a brief explanation to help provide an initial understanding.

Type 1: Case Studies are a type of social proof that provide the opportunity to share customer stories and experiences with your business, while also relating to your brand’s story.

Type 2: Customer Reviews and Testimonials have the potential to resonate with your target audience in a unique way. They offer ways to share common challenges with appropriate solutions that could inspire others to take action.

Type 3: User Generated Content doesn’t always have to come in written form. Photos and videos posted by individuals are an excellent way for others to see a visual representation of your business.

Type 4: Accolades and Awards are an exceptional way to highlight the achievements your organization has earned.

How To Choose The Right ‘Social Proof’?

You made it! You now have a general understanding of what social proof is and what kinds there are. But I bet the next question you are asking yourself is how am I going to choose the right social proof to use. Keep reading, you’re almost there!

When deciding on the right social proof there are a few things to consider. Even if everyone is boasting of your business in positive ways, you want to select a piece of social proof that aligns with your overarching strategy and goals.

Let’s say you want to build trust amongst potential customers, why not share some press features or major awards your business has earned? Or if you want to tell your target audience about a positive experience with a customer you just helped. Why not have the customer explain how to gain value from your organization in their own words? Finally, you want to put the competitive edge to rest and explain why your product or service is better than someone else’s. A customer created comparison will sound a lot more natural, rather than branded content that may appear biased.

Remember, it is always good to review any social proof you decide to move forward with using!

Wait, Now I Know What I Want To Use, But How Do I Use It?

Depending on the social platform you are using, there are many ways to incorporate social proof into your internet marketing strategy!

Take Instagram for example, if you have gained permission you can start sharing user generated content onto your feed. Or if you want to maintain the aesthetic of your feed you could share this content to your story or highlights feature. Facebook is a great platform for lengthier social proof strategies, like customer reviews or stories. Just start with a strong hook that will encourage your followers to click and continue reading. LinkedIn is a great platform for highlighting professional accomplishments and awards. There are even sections on this platform that are designed specifically for this type of content.

Remember that ‘Social Proof’ has a unique value and perspective that you just can’t achieve with branded content!