Top 5 Tips To Help Your Email Marketing Excel

Are you running email campaigns that aren’t giving you the results you want? Let me tell you, there is nothing more frustrating than running email campaigns that only convert a fraction of the subscribers. With the increased email efforts, businesses are extending this dilemma and it is not getting any easier.

Find out how you can stand out in an inbox full of emails from other businesses and competitors with these top propelling strategies!

Segment and Discover Your Customers Preferences 

Have you thought about segmenting your email marketing list? Well here is tip number one, dividing subscribers into groups based on common features, characteristics and behaviours will allow you to improve the overall performance of your email campaign. 

The reason behind this being that the process of segmenting an email list, allows you to better reach your target audience based on information that they may actually find useful and relevant to them. And when individuals are presented with information that resonates well with them, they are more likely to take action! 

Similar to the first, yet slightly different is the second piece of advice we have to offer, which is coming to learn why an individual is subscribed to your email list in the first place. Email surveys, and feedback chat features are great tools that can help you uncover this information about individuals. 

Frequency and Engagement Sweet Spots 

What’s next, the third tip when it comes to best practices for email marketing is finding the sweet spot with regards to email frequency for higher engagement. Or put more simply, how often should you be contacting subscribers.

The frequency can make or break your campaign, the most common reason for individuals unsubscribing is by receiving too many emails . Unfortunately, there is no universal formula for sending too many emails, however here is something you can test out to help you find your sweet spot. 

Experiment with a couple of different campaigns that have different frequencies. Let’s say one campaign sends once a week, a second campaign sends twice a week, and a third campaign sends three times per week. You will likely find that different segments respond differently to various frequencies. So with that knowledge you can adjust your frequencies to best match your email segments. 

Upselling, Cross-Selling and Subject Lines 

Upselling and cross-selling are additional tactics that can be implemented through email marketing best practices. This is an opportunity to compare customer interactions and offer ‘deals’ for more expensive products through email campaigns, or simply encourage individuals to add onto existing purchases with products that may also be of interest. Simply pairing or comparing items individuals have shown interest in, is a great way to increase your opportunity to make more or generate larger sales! By doing this through an email marketing campaign, you ensure your customer feels important, why else would you be emailing them with better products or information! 

Finally, making your subject line ENTICING, is our last piece of advice for making your email standout in a full inbox! This simple adjustment can make a huge impact on your overall performance, as it is an opportunity for you to put your best foot forward in terms of making a positive impression with your current subscriber. Here are some best practices: Generate Curiosity and Introduce Scarcity and/or Urgency within your subject line!